The relationship between fashion and art is clearly visible in the brand campaigns, where art is seen not only as a source of endless inspiration but also as a pretext to unassuming dialogue or even innocent play with it.

The pictures seem to be exactly the same as the process of creating them - spontaneous and natural. The idea of presenting the collection wasnít planned in advance, it was evolving on the set.

The end result is the effect of the work of the group of creative people who were collectively sharing ideas to achieve the outcome that exceeded the expectations of the team. This would be impossible without the involvement of the best Polish artists in their fields.

Every season the brand chooses an artist that is an inspiration. This season the chosen artist is Kandinsky, whose geometric painting was put on the bodywear and long sleeve mesh tops, creating the effect of wearing the painting on your skin.

Photos: Sonia Szóstak

Models: Maja Salamon, Zuza Krzątała, Alicja Sekuła

Set Design: Ania Szczęsna

Make-up: Marianna Yurkiewicz

Hair: Daniel Gryszke