The Summer Nights campaign is entirely inspired by the 1980s. When creating our designs, we listened to the favorite songs of Abba, Phil Colins and Queen, and they were the source of the names of the new bras, briefs and bodysuits.

We were captivated by the sexual revolution that characterized that time and maximalism in fashion. Full acceptance, choice and the ability to be yourself.

Full of summer fruits, we try to bring the photos closer to the Renaissance still life paintings by Rubens or Boticelli, but with a grain of salt, because the above-mentioned freedom and naturalness permeate them.

Juicy fruits appearing in the campaign herald the long-awaited summer, and the transparent materials with flecks resemble the sunset reflecting in the water.

Photos: Sonia Szóstak

Photographer's assistant: Szymon Go

Set Design: Ania Witko

Model: Maria Konieczna, Gaga Models

Make-up and hair: Ola Łęcka

Retouch: Maria Biełuszko

Films: Hubert Zieliński, Please Productions