The main theme of our campaign is Closeness in a broad sense. Closeness to bodies, people, women, nature. The closeness that has been taken away from us in today's reality, which is still taboo and we need it so badly.

Once In A Blue Moon Bodysuit

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Sky's The Limit Bra

By photographing women's intimate places using flowers, we wanted to draw attention to female sexuality, encourage openness, getting to know our bodies, and awaken the need for closeness.

Modern Love Thong

We show female bodies in the form of art, but paying attention to the truthfulness of the emotions that come with it. We try to bring the photos closer to impressionistic images of nature, because they are full of freedom and naturalness.

Flowers appearing in the campaign herald the long-awaited summer, and transparent materials with natural patterns introduce a slight mystery and the impression of moving to a wonderland.

Photographer: Borys Synak
Models: Marta Wieczorek, Ania Gołębiowska
Make-up and hair: Aleksandra Przyłuska
Retouch: Magdalena Daszkowska
Films: Alicja Kozak
Production and set design: Undress Code
Creative director: Karolina Mikołajczyk